About Me

I am sinner. Saved by Jesus. I done stupid and bad things, but I am saved. Set apart for the glory of God.

I do not know how to define myself. But what I can say is that I am a dabbler. A little of this, a little of that.

I am a student of communication. Not because I am good at talking, but because I want to be better at listening.

I play video games, read random literature, play guitar, research random topics, fascinated by firearms, I am (fairly) computer literate, an aspiring artist.

I enjoy music, coffee, beer, lifting heavy, working with my hands and with my mind.

I am introverted- to be more precise, I need my time to myself, crowds can be tiring, but I am not lost in my own world.

I am a Christian and depending on who you are, this statement will take you to many places.

In this blog, I seek to explore what I means for me to be a Christian- the challenges, joys and realizations of this claim as it pertains to all aspect of life.

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