2 comments on “Ready for the Unknown?

  1. Hey Zach,

    It is really cool to read what you have been learning and how you have been growing. You really have a gift of putting your thoughts in writing. As I read you blog, two verses in John Chapter six came to mind. After Jesus fed 5,000 men, the people wanted to make him King by force. I think it finally click for them that Jesus had been speaking about the Kingdom this whole time. He would be the perfect king. He can heal people, provide food, and cast out demons. Imagine what he can do to Rome. No more suffering, or wandering. This man is from God and would be a huge asset. In verse 28 they asked Jesus about God’s will. No matter what there motives, they ask the same question you and ask God at times:
    28 Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?”
    I think everyone gets to that place in life when they realize that they are never going to be able to everything. There is a choice and a responsibility that everyone needs to make in order to be the best stewards of the gifts and time that God has given them. I think it would be so much easier for us and I can even justify that it would be better for God if he would just tell us plain and simple what he wants us to do–reveal His will. I have asked these types of questions over and over again. God, what do you want me to do? Where do you want me to work? Which people should I invest into? Who should I be serving? Do you want me to go to school? Where should I live?

    I have a love/hate relationship with Jesus’ answer. He says:
    29 Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
    Sometimes when I read this I get frustrated because Jesus is ultimately saying all you need to do is believe. You know me. I am a doing. I like to get my hands dirty, I love to feel like I am being of service to God. As I hear Jesus’ voice, that my “doing” does not carry the same wait as believing.

    Other times when I read this passage I am overwhelmed with the freedom of Christ’s grace. Sorry to be cliche’ but I agree with the Casting Crown lyrics, (which I will probably butcher), “It not about what I do, but what Christ has done.” Because of the cross of Jesus, I do not have to be stressed out about my lack of direction. When I exert control, I am pretty much telling God that I have a better way of doing things. I put my feelings and wants ahead of God, and basically my dreams become idols.
    I want to be clear, and make sure you know that I am talking about me and not you. In case you disagree with what I am NOT saying, I also want to point out that I agree dreams are good. I think they are from God, and we should set goals and try to achieve them. But I have found that for me personally, some of my goals have taken a higher place in my life than God–and I have repented of that, and still need to keep them in check. Getting back to John 6:29. I experience freedom when I read this (sometimes) because I understand that Jesus just wants me to rest in Him. And I can do this anywhere. When I am connected to God, I do not have to fear messing up. He is the great redeemer and when I do mess up he puts me back on track.

    My response to your post has kind of become a blog of its own. Thank you for stimulating me to think by sharing your life.

    • Thank you for your words and insight, John.

      I think what God desires for my life is quite simple. I believe God desires for me to love Him and love those around me. Very simple, is it not? 😉

      It sounds simple, but for me, it is so hard. I find it easy to pass judgments and speak foolhardily about those I am called to love. I find it hard to esteem some people and act out of selflessness…. but I digress

      I believe when I walk in obedience of Christ, He will make His will know to me. He will guide me- even when I can see the long term plan. One step at a time, each made in constant prayer. For me, is an departure from my long standing way of living- living with a future planned and running hard to fulfill it as I mention above.

      It has taken years and it will take many more for me to fully let go of all the things that I try to hold on to and control. I have a overwhelming fear to let go of this life, yet God has been softening my heart. I have seen in retrospect where God has provided and worked things out for my good. And it seems like the less I try to direct the craziness of this life, the less crazy and tired I get.

      I am not saying that I am not making choices or decisions, but more and more my decisions are less focused on me and what I necessarily want. Once again, I am on a tangent.

      I can understand your love/hate relationship with the passages you posted, and again, I thank you for sharing those thoughts above.


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